One fifth of over-70s say they are still looking for new music and going to gigs on a regular basis, according to new research.

This is despite the average age that people say they stop searching for new music being 34, according to Mastercard, who surveyed 2,000 adults as part of the research.

Researchers also found that the 1980s was the most popular decade of music in the UK.

A total of 63% of those surveyed said that decade was their favourite musical era.

The most popular album from the last 40 years was Queen’s Greatest Hits.

The second most popular album was voted as The Beatles’ Abbey Road, with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon coming third.

Researchers also asked people to predict the biggest musical genre of the 2020s, with K-pop being the most popular choice by those surveyed.

The research, which was published ahead of next week’s Brit Awards, also found that 37% of millenials think that awards acceptance speeches can be more “impactful” than political addresses.