The Prodigy have promised to save music fans from an onslaught of dullness.

On the verge of releasing their sixth album, they spoke out about the rise of what they feel is boring electronic dance music.

Liam Howlett said of new album The Day Is My Enemy: “This new album’s just the next onslaught, really. It’s more violent sounding, and the reason for that is, it’s a reaction to what’s going on out there. Musically, culturally, everything…”

The band have summed up their feelings about what they say are “lazy” DJs in the track Ibiza.

The Prodigy Liam Howlett and Keith Flint
Liam Howlett with bandmate Keith Flint (Yui Mok/PA)

Liam continued: “It’s a sarcastic take, and it’s not an attack on the country or the island, but unfortunately, Ibiza is where most of the lazy DJing takes place. They know who they are. They turn up and do minimal work, really taking the p*** out of the public, just playing pre-mixed sets for all that money.

“The track’s what I call a wink and a punch at the same time. It has that wit about it, but impact too – at the end of the summer, everyone will be singing it.”

Bandmate Maxim added: “Electronic music has turned into pop music, and pop music has hijacked dance music. That’s why it’s important for us to make a record like the one we have. There are a lot of people out there waiting for some noise. They have been bombarded with safeness, plainness and dullness. And we’re fighting that wave, and the people are waiting for us to come back with new music.”

The Prodigy's Maxim
Maxim performs on stage (Steffen Schmidt/AP)

Liam said of working on the album, which has an apt name: “For the final four months on the album, I refused to go into the studio during the day. I was getting too mithered anyway and I can’t concentrate or get anything done, so I started going in at 6pm after I’d picked my son up from school, and working through ’til 5am.

“Then I got onto the idea that an album like this has to be created at night anyway; that’s when dangerous, exciting things happen. Not at one in the afternoon.

“As for being angry, I’m not, although the environment we live in is very unstable, so there is plenty to react to. Society is going through a tough time, and people just want to escape, so it’s up to us to provide the soundtrack.”

The Prodigy release their sixth album The Day Is My Enemy on March 30. They tour the UK from May 4.