Kirstie Alley and Keith Allen are set to travel back in time as contestants on a new celebrity history show.

Time Crashers is set to launch on Channel 4, where celebrities will take on the gruelling challenge of living as one of the downtrodden masses in a range of bygone eras, from Tudor to medieval times.

According to The Sun, Kirstie and Keith are among the latest famous faces volunteering to grub up for the series, which will see the contestant who copes the best crowned Ultimate Time Crasher.

Kirstie Alley Time Crashers
Kirstie Alley in Tudor dress (Channel 4)

Others taking part include former Coronation Street star Charlie Condou, footballer Jermaine Jenas, Meg Matthews, Fern Britton, newsreader Louise Minchin, weightlifter Zoe Smith, Olympic long-jumper Greg Rutherford and comedian Chris Ramsey.

Sir Tony Robinson and archaeologist Dr Cassie Newland will host the show when it airs later this year. It is currently being filmed with help from the broadcaster’s factual department, to make sure it is factually accurate.

However, Time Crashers has some strikingly similar competition – the BBC has a new series coming up called 24 Hours In The Past, which will see celebrities take on some of the most thankless Victorian jobs for four days at a time.

24 Hours In The Past
Ann Widdecombe, Alistair McGowan, Colin Jackson, Miquita Oliver, Tyger Drew-Honey and Zoe Lucker will star in 24 Hours In The Past (BBC/Endemol)

Ann Widdecombe, Zoe Lucker, Tyger Drew-Honey, Alistair McGowan, Colin Jackson and Miquita Oliver will all take turns at working in settings including a Victorian rubbish tip and a workhouse.

The series is also set to air later this year and has been described by the BBC as “living history as you’ve never seen it before, complete with rats, poo and rotting meat”.