CALVIN Weir-Fields wrote his first novel at the age of 19.

The book was embraced by critics as a modern masterpiece and he has coasted along on the adulation, unable to find the words for a follow-up, or a girl who loves him and not his celebrity.

During a regular visit to psychiatrist Dr Rosenthal, Calvin confides that a beautiful girl is haunting his dreams and the shrink suggests it may be therapeutic to commit these nocturnal imaginings to paper.

So Calvin follows Dr Rosentha’ls guidance and churns out volumes about the mystery girl.

Miraculously, Ruby manifests in Calvin’s apartment. “The situation is crazy, I am not,” Calvin assures his brother Harry.

Ruby is blissfully unaware that she was once a figment of Calvin’s feverish imagination and as romantic bonds strengthen between the couple, Harry’s initial enthusiasm mellows into fraternal concern.