THE home of the classics was treated to some good old fashioned rock and roll as acclaimed singer Chris Isaak unleashed his inner Elvis.

With tradmark quiff firmly in place, and looking much younger than 56, Isaak put on the style for a show which was part Las Vegas and part honkytonk bar at Manchester's Bridgewater Hall last night.

With rhinestones shining off his suit almost as brightly as his smile, we were treated to many numbers from Isaak’s own back catalogue including the hauntingly beautiful Wicked Games.

But much of the second half of the set was taken up with his latest album Beyond the Sun in which he re-recorded rock and roll classis in the same Memphis Studio as Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.

Purists may shake their head but it’s unlikely you’ll hear better renditions of the likes of RIng of Fire, Dixie Chicken and Pretty Woman.

Isaak has a winning way with the crowd - at one point disappearing into the circle in the hall. But if anything the banter and choreographed stage moves were a little too slick and little too show band.

As a result it was easy to miss the brilliant musicianship being displayed on stage, particularly by guitarist Hershel Yatovitz and the quality of Isaak’s voice which remains a thing of beauty.