Address: Manchester Road, Burnley

Phone number: 01282 415441

Lancashire Telegraph review by Alan Simpson from July 24, 2007.

I'M always wary of restaurant recommendations made by friends.

But after I had been told that I must' visit the 'new Indian in the Bull and Butcher' at least half a dozen times I thought it must be worth a visit!

And what a good call it turned out to be.

The Ashoka has totally transformed the former Bass pub at the top of Manchester Road.

Other attempts to breathe new life into the grand building - for a short while it was the Lamb and Slaughter and then a Thai pub and restaurant - have been and gone.

But I suspect the Ashoka is here to stay.

The designer decor has changed the interior beyond recognition and a new balcony built out of decking at the rear with giant planters and patio heaters gives it a Mediterranean feel.

And that feeling is echoed through the menu as the Indian food, lots of which is new to the area, is fused with hints of Italian and English.

For example, there were olives in the side salad and baby brussels in my main course.

After an aperitif in the wine bar we sat down to a mushroom chat starter for me and a king prawn special on puri bread for Mrs S.

Both were divine.

Our main courses of chicken tika Shabzi Korai and chicken tika Shashlik were equally delicious.

A special mention must go for the service. From the moment we walked in we were treated with utmost courtesy by a well-drilled and smartly attired team of staff who made our evening one to remember.

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