NICK Love’s script, co-written by John Hodge, follows Flying Squad hard man DI Jack Regan (Ray Winstone) and sidekick George Carter (Ben Drew) as they hunt a gang of wily European thieves led by slippery Francis Allen (Paul Anderson).

After apprehending Allen, unfortunately the team cannot find sufficient evidence to charge him and they are forced to let him go after hours of intense questioning.

“The ramifications of your actions are going to have serious repercussions,” the thief warns Regan with an icy stare.

Tensions within the department explode when Internal Affairs officer Ivan Lewis (Steve Mackintosh) embarks on a personal crusade to bring down Regan, who just happens to be bedding Lewis’s wife Nancy (Hayley Atwell).

Section chief Frank Haskins (Damian Lewis) protects his boys and girl but Internal Affairs will clearly stop at nothing.