FROM the moment he played the chimes of Big Ben offstage to announce his arrival, Courtney Pine made a huge impact on the festival.

He may have been serving up fare dramatically different from most of the festival menu, but this was Michelin-starred music which won over even the most sceptical audience members. The quality of musicianship was simply stunning, with Pine himself, and his excellent band, all showing amazing virtuosity, and breathtaking technique. With everything from a pulsating version of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song to a total reworking of the standard Take Five, with some Duke Ellington thrown in, the engaging Pine had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

At one point he took an impromptu stroll through the crowd, playing as he went, serenading lucky audience members and posing for photos as the band played on. Anyone who thinks jazz is inaccessible should spend an hour with this man.

At the end he thanked organisers for allowing him to show the unifying power of music. He certainly brought the crowd at the Muni together, unanimous in the opinion they’d witnessed something special.