TIPPED as the world's most spectacular ice show, Blackpool Pleasure Beach's Hot Ice Show 2012 had a lot to live up.

As I took my seat in the auditorium, the lights went down and the professional skaters glided on to the ice in their sparkling costumes and amazing feathery headdresses - making it clear to see that no expense had been spared putting the show together.

The skaters working alone, in pairs and in groups effortlessly commanded the ice, performing perfectly executed routines to a variety of musical arrangements.

Fans of Dancing on Ice would be spellbound by the elegance and grace of all the skaters abilities.

Children as young as five also marvelled at the spectacular light show that complemented the action on the ice.

One scene, which included a man rising out of a bath to perform a series of tantalising moves in the air received raucous applause.

The award winning show, is host to more than 30 ice skating stars including ITV's Dancing on Ice Star Katie Stainsby, UK international gold medalist David Walsingham and six times Australian ice champion Trent Nelson-Bond.

The show, entitled Entice, now in its seventh decade and will run at The Arena until September 8.

To book call 0871 222 9090 or visit www.hoticeshow.com