A STRANGE night this, but one which was hugely enjoyable, with the audience coming away marvelling at the talent of one of our genuine national treasures.

Rory Bremner comes across as a thoroughly good bloke and the second half in which he gave free reign to his political observations and impressions displayed a lightning quick mind and a rare talent.

To watch Bremner’s face physically transform into a character whether it be George Bush or David Blunkett was quite extraordinary.

You could tell which character was coming next without hearing him speak.

Then the voices and mannerisms themselves which follow are amazing.

For this show he brought along his friends - award-winning jazz singer Ian Shaw and rising stand-up star Zoe Lyons.

The audience was a little unsure of Shaw at first, and certainly a little reluctant to get involved in a singalong to Stuck in the Middle With You so early in the show.

But they gradually warmed up as the show went on.

Lyons, a Mock the Week regular, was a replacement for Hattie Hayridge who had broken her ankle.

Again, part of the audience wasn’t your average comedy club crowd and took a while to get attuned to her slightly rambling, but wickedly observant humour.

But it was the man himself they had come to see and he certainly didn’t disappoint.