THE ‘new’ Diana emerged with a powerhouse showcase revealing songs from her new album.

The gauche, quirky East Lancashire schoolgirl who shot to fame on the X Factor has been left behind, replaced by a sexy and confident performer who looks - and sounds - every inch a pop star.

The nine songs performed live for the first time - all written by Diana - demonstrate a talented songwriter with great pop sensibilities.

It’s towering electro pop with a massive Eighties influence.

Think the best of Girls Aloud meets Gary Numan.

The show in the intimate surroundings of the Ruby Lounge attracted a diverse audience made up of the committed, the curious and the converted.

They ranged from teenage girls and Indie boys to hardened rockers wearing Kiss tour T shirts.

Sound problems could have wrecked Diana’s return. The microphone refused to work before she‘d even sung a note.

Then twice during the show the PA system packed in mid song.

But DV rose above it, quipping “this is my worst nightmare” and urging the venue to buy another sound system.

Dressed in black shorts, ankle boots and vest top with Creme de la Creme emblazoned in gold she looked amazing, to use one of her own phrases.

And the songs reveal a confidence and maturity that make the album, due for release in March one to look forward to.

Kiss of a Bullet which opened the show has hit written all over it.

Others like Boy in Paris, Smoke and Love Sounds Better in French all went down a storm.

A reprise of her number one single Once got the place jumping but also revealed how much more mature the new material is in comparison.

We even got a trademark trumpet solo from Miss V on the final songs Mad At Me.

The doubters were quick to predict that the split from her record label last year would prove too much for the Huncoat sensation.

But it looks like it could have been the best thing that could have happened.

Most who criticise Diana have never heard her sing live.

Sorry to disappoint you folks, this girls back - and how!