DRUMS, bass and acoustic guitar and bongos — who would have guessed all of these sounds could, simultaneously, and played by just one man, come out of one instrument?

But after watching John Gomm — and his trusty guitar, Wilma last week — I can assure you it is more than possible.

After writing his first song aged just six, the Blackpool-born performer has transformed his sound into surely one of the most unique on the live music scene.

Melodic, charming and haunting could all be used to describe his performance.

From Gloria, written about his first girlfriend, a “chav” from his hometown of Blackpool, to Waterfall, he seems to squeeze every possible sound from his guitar.

Rescue Song was written as a Valentine’s Day present, and even though Gomm describes it as “cheesey”, it is a truly beautiful track.

His covers of The Police’s Message In A Bottle and Radiohead’s High and Dry were stunning.

And Gomm has even mastered the disco classic Aint Nobody.

This would be no easy feat on an acoustic guitar I would imagine but as he told the enraptured audience he did so following a request from several years ago that he “didn’t play anything you could dance to”.

Supported by the wonderful Darren Poyzer, Gomm won himself a raft of new fans.

If you haven’t seen John Gomm perform, you really should make it your New Year’s resolution for 2012.