“SEAMLESS” is probably not the word to describe Andrea Glass’ homecoming set at The Met, despite her cheeky insistence on using it regularly while talking to the audience.

However, entertaining, joyful and charming would suffice perfectly well.

The Bolton-born singer-songwriter, who has relocated to Cumbria, was playing songs from her new album, Party of One, accompanied by Toby Wilson.

And even if the between-songs moments have a slightly shambolic air, the songs are as beautifully crafted and delivered as ever.

A brief covers section treated the audience to Bob Dylan’s Is Your Love In Vain, The Travelling Wilburys’ Handle With Care, Nanci Griffiths’ Southbound Train and a nod to Dolly Parton with False Eyelashes before Andrea continued weaving her new songs in with favourites from her debut album, Stood Under Stars.

Don’t Burn Down The House, Hurricane and North Wind were greeted like the classics they should be, while the newer material slotted nicely into place alongside title track Party Of One and free download Killing Time being the highlights.

Between songs, the faint sound of a raucous party upstairs can be heard.

“Made the wrong choice there, didn’t you all?” says Andrea, modestly. “Shall we go and crash it afterwards?”

But it’s likely that the small crowd packing out The Met’s intimate studio were actually the ones having more fun, Wilson’s bad jokes aside.

Andrea’s voice transports the listener effortlessly from Bury to Tennessee — it’s no wonder Bob Harris is such a fan.

Her stories of love and loss would strike a universal chord, although she happily shares the news she is now settled into domestic bliss.

Even without the dramatics of her old life (she became a full-time musician after her previous career as a teacher ended when a pupil shot her with a BB gun), Andrea’s songs are evocative and moving.

Long may she continue.