MOST people at a Pete Doherty gig know what to expect for him.

He’s not going to turn up on time. When he does turn up on stage he is going to look like he’s just woken up. He’s not going to bring a band with him so every song will be acoustic.

And he’ll play plenty of stuff from his last solo album, the little-bought Gracelands.

In my mind none of that actually means it will actually be a bad show.

Over the past few years, Doherty’s gigs have covered most of his career, including crowd favourites What a Waster, Don’t Look Back into the Sun and Can’t Stand Me Now (Libertines) and F*** Forever (Babyshambles) while there are even lesser known efforts from pre-Up The Bracket days including Breck Road Lover.

At King George’s Hall in Blackburn last night, he even livened up his show with Amy Winehouse’s Tears Dry on Their Own and three songs featured ballet dancers.

There wasn’t a new song in sight. No new album or single to plug but plenty of sing-along opportunities.

It was just a shame that the Windsor Suite seemed quite empty.