WOULD it work? The legendary James Taylor, the man with a guitar who has written 150 songs, be able to hold an audience at the huge MEN Arena.

I am pleased to report, yes it did: James Taylor who appeared on stage looking like a genial headmaster had them eating out of his hand.

His ad lib chats with his fans should only work in a more intimate, smaller setting, but this laid back American who has been around since the 60s when he was the original “troubled teenager “ with a capital T, is older and wiser and knows his audience.

Although at times he appeared slightly uncomfortable, he went through his repertoire and at one point had the entire audience on its feet.

He also took his fans through a whistle stop tour of his life, warts and all.

From his bluesy ballads to his stomping rock songs, the 63-year-old showed just why he has earned 40 gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards.

The man who looks like his guitar is grafted on to his arm, came across as a truly nice guy, and his mellow music was good too!

However, there was one thing missing - the number one hit single You’ve Got a Friend, was not part of his set, much to a lot of people’s disappointment.

However, Manchester forgave him and he will always have friends in this city.