A WHOLE Lotta Love was in the air when a top tribute band rocked out at the King George's Hall.

It was three years ago when a Blackburn couple met at a Whole Lotta Led gig - and they were back in the crowd on Friday to say 'Thank You' to the band who brought them together.

Lead singer Lee Addison dedicated the track, written by Robert Plant, to the couple, Melissa and Alex.

In a few weeks' time they are set to tie the knot with the track as the chosen soundtrack - more than 40 years after it was written.

But, they feel the lyrics are as relevant and fresh as they were in 1969.

The beauty of Whole Lotta Led is that they are keeping alive the memory of Zep and kicking against this era of manufactured pop.

Lead guitarist Nick Ferris executed Jimmy Page's style with aplomb, playing his twin neck guitar above his head.

Jaws dropped when drummer Graham Twist took centre stage with his rendition of 'Moby Dick'.

John Bonham would have been hard pressed to fault this flawless drum solo.

Indeed, the whole set was loud and faithful to the original songs.

It was a mixture of the best of Led Zep and the Led Zep IV album, which they played in its entirety in the second half.

The final song of the night was Communication Breakdown, a track with a pounding riff about a man telling his woman how much he loves her.

It was the perfect end to an excellent night of rock.

Roll on the wedding!