The tragically humourous production of Little Voice has been brought back to life at The Dukes following its success in the West End last year with Lancashire’s Diana Vickers in the title role.

And the actors excelled in their parts first penned by Jim Cartwright.

Based around a Lancashire family struggling to find meaning in life Maria Hoff and her daughter Little Voice are the central characters to the plot.

Those actresses did an amazing job in their very contrasting roles.

Maria Hoff (Eithne Browne) embodied the role of a loud, drunken woman disatisfied with her life and taking it out on everyone around her.

While Little Voice (Rebecca Hutchinson) was her parrallel opposite: quiet, shy and trapped in a perpetual routine of listening to her vinyl, her only excapism.

Maria Hoff had the audience in stitches from the moment she staggered across the stage in her high heels and mini skirt.

Her cutting jibes, her ridiculous clothing and even her dancing was light relief from some of the more serious issues being dealt with throughout the play.

Ray Say (Kieron Flynn) was, at least at the start of the play, Mrs Hoff’s partner in comedy. Little Voice sang the house down.

She managed to tailor her voice to the personalities she was impersonating – such as Judy Garland and Lulu – perfectly.

With love, humour and lots of good music all littered into the production as well as bright lights and lots of surprises this play is not to be missed.

* Until April 16. For tickets contact the box office on 01524 598500.