IF you can grin and bear with some of the characters, some of which take the word “nauseating” to a whole new level, you’ll love A Chorus Line.

Yes, this is one of those shows that falls into the VERY American category.

That said, the music is still magnificent and the timeless score will have you humming and tapping your feet.

For me, though, the real highlight of this production at the Lowry are the dance routines that are so perfectly executed they’ll leave you breathless and exhilirated. This is one big, bold dance masterclass.

The story follows a group of dancers as they audition for a Broadway show. Several of them a aren’t in the first flush of youth and most of them have issues that have left deep seated psycholgical scars.

Your average “shrink” could have a field day with this lot.

Zach, the director, has the task of helping some of them realise their dreams while dashing others and the show’s finale, with the ensemble wearing dazzling, shimmering costumes, is truly spectacular.

It was great to see some children in the audience - why should they only set foot in the theatre during panto season?

But if you are planning to take the kids make sure they’re not too young, as some of the issues which crop up are a little grown up in nature. Great entertainment.