MRS Brown, Dublin’s acid tongued matriarch, is back for another hilarious outing in How Now Mrs Brown Cow.

The creation of Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll, this old battleaxe certainly calls it how she sees it. Nobody, and I mean nobody, delivers a put down quite like this housewife with attitude.

Don’t be fooled by her genteel looking attire.

The festive season is looming and the old bat is hoping one of her sons, a priest on the verge of sainthood in her eyes, will come home and make her Christmas complete. But he’s away doing the Lord’s work in America and it looks like a forlorn hope.

All your favourite characters are here, from brow beaten Granda to her flamboyant gay son Rory. Even the shimmering Christmas is out shone by Rory’s increasingly camp outfits.

If you like the Father Ted style humour you’ll love this, and while the air turns blue in the Opera House at times, the naughty words are acceptable because they’re in context.

If Mrs Brown DIDN’T swear like a trooper whose caught his hand in a car door, it’d sound decidely out of place.

Apparently this delightfully dysfuntional family are heading for a TV set near you in the New Year, when the BBC turn their misadventures into a sitcom. I, for one, can’t wait.