WHEN Nora Ephron wrote When Harry Met Sally she pulled off something of a masterstroke, because she created a romantic comedy that appeals to both sexes.

Harry’s view of relationships is stereotypically male as he tries to bed every woman in sight and Sally secretly aches for the “rockets, bells and poetry” kind of romance.

I never saw the film with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, so I was able to approach the production at the Opera House with a completely open mind.

It’s a charming, warm and witty affair, even if the number of scene changes are a little overwhelming. The only bit of the movie I have seen is the famous and hilarious restaurant scene in which Sally pretends to be deep in the throes of red hot passion and the lovely Sarah Jayne Dunn iis just as convincing as Ryan was. There’s a believable chemistry between her and Rupert Hill (Harry) that has you willing them to get together.

While I left the Opera House feeling that When Harry Met Sally would probably work better on the big screen, I also felt entertained and uplifted by a beautifully crafted piece of writing. Feel good theatre at its best.

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