THE idea of sitting in a room watching two socks tell you the history of world cinema for an hour is not the obvious choice for a night out.

But if you enjoy a touch of inspired lunacy, do go along and have a night to remember.

The Mechanics became an offshoot of the Edinburgh Fringe for a night with a small but appreciative audience in the Tudor Room being treated to a show which has gone down a storm in the comedy festival capital.

Basically you get a Punch and Judy style show with two socks with eyes stitched on them as the characters. Shari Lewis and Lambchop was never like this!

All operated by one man, the verbal and physically dexterity displayed is remarkable.

Then there were numerous costume changes (for the socks) and a range of silly songs thrown in.

They say genius is close to madness and I say massive plaudits are in order rather than calling for men in white coats.

Support came from comedy magician Ali Cook, who left everyone both baffled and amazed with his illusions, including one where he swapped the heads of a duck and a chicken.

It was brave for the Mechanics to book such an avant garde double bill but I’m really glad they did.