WHISPERING Bob as he’s known to millions turned on the charm in Darwen.

The man who has hosted The Old Grey Whistle Test and numerous radio shows simply sat on stage and chatted to an audience who just lapped up his reminiscences.

Hearing THAT voice first hand is an odd experience. It has such a soothing effect, you are immediately at ease.

As you might expect, this was very much a laid back affair.

Bob just sat there and told stories – let’s face it the man has a million stories he could tell and, if you’ve any interest in music whatsoever, all are interesting.

This was no big ego trip, it was just a man who is passionate about his music sharing experiences with his flock.

The lack of structure and many digressions added to the charm of the evening and an added bonus was a brief live set by Bolton singer-songwriter Andrea Glass.

Over two-and-a-half hours later and the night was sadly over.

The audience was not as big as Bob deserved but those of us who were there thoroughly enjoyed it.