A MAN wearing underpants and a see-through plastic poncho greeted me at King George’s Hall.

After concluding he was definitely part of the show I assured myself this show would be like no other I’d seen during the comedy festival.

The cast, which included a hunchback and a devil on stilts mingled with the audience before the show in their own slightly creepy characters, inviting a couple of people from the crowd to assist them in warming up the rest.

Among the action in the main show there was a sword-eating man, a girl playing the saxophone upside down suspended from the roof, a midget electrocuting himself and hanging some heavy objects from a certain part of his body, a couple with whips and several scantily-clad females dancing about the stage.

The whole show wasn’t quite as horrific as I expected given the title, but it was theatrical, professional and circus-like, dark, unique and complete with a rock band providing live music from the back of the stage.

All in all, it was a bit of a mad evening, but certainly an enjoyable one.