“OH what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!”

And what a web Pete, energetically portrayed by Jeremy Rycroft, weaves around his complicated marital status involving his supposedly dead wife Jessica and new wife Sarah.

The lengths to which Pete goes to disguise his bigamous state are frankly unbelievable but rib-ticklingly funny, none the less.

The audiences at the village hall in Ribchester certainly enjoyed the twists and turns.

Jeremy is to be congratulated on mastering this long and difficult piece and also in playing it so that he never lost the sympathy of the audience.

His fall guy George (Robin Simmons) played the part with a loyal bewilderment and a battleaxe par excellence was portrayed by Jean Skilbeck as Sarah’s mother Margot!

Special mentions to Mick Flynn (Alan), Rebecca Parkinson as Jessica, who stepped in with only two weeks to go, and director David Procter and producer Claire Davies.