Surely everyone knows what ‘Chubby’ Brown is all about by now. Or do they?

This was my chance to see him in his plentiful flesh to make my own mind up.

The audience was greeted by Chubby in his usual patchwork suit and flying goggles, and with a torrent of bad language erupting from his mouth, which went down well with the crowd.

He got everyone singing along to his hit ‘Alice’ and a few songs with more colourful titles which were obviously well-known to most.

For me, the show was lacking much creative comedy, and while a lot of his material got a good response, the clean one-liners were the funniest parts.

Shame we didn’t get to see how Chubby dealt with hecklers too much, as the one person on the front row who shouted out a couple of times was quickly ejected.

Judging by the seemingly flat reaction of the crowd on exit, I don’t know if the £19 tickets for the 75-minute act left a sour taste.

But for me, Chubby’s tired and samey gags have seen better days.