There aren’t many comedians who invent laws. Not ones that are legally recognised anyway.

But this man has launched his own crusade on train companies charging too much.

After hearing about Tom Wrigglesworth’s train-based plights in the press, and his subsequent comedy show, I wondered how funny one train journey could be.

His friendly tones quickly likened him to your best mate telling a cracking story down the pub, with the audience listening intently.

The act begins with him writing a letter to Richard Branson about a train journey he was arrested on for having a whip round for an old lady who had been given the wrong ticket and was forced to pay £115 for a new one.

Wrigglesworth told the story beautifully in his regional accent and unlike the fashion for many comedians to be rude and bordering on offensive, he was respectful of his audience and the people in his story all the way.

I challenge anyone not to come away from this show feeling empowered and human. Wrigglesworth is a natural comedian and restores your faith in human kindness.

You can’t say that about many comedians.