COMING away from a comedy gig feeling like you’ve made friends with the comedian is a rare occurrence.

Perhaps the intimate-sized crowd helped, but Mor’s warm personality made it inevitable.

Underneath his unconventional appearance and graphic content, I got the impression he is a very nice chap.

It must be daunting coming out to a crowd the size of a bus queue, but while Mor must have had to rethink his act, I certainly didn’t feel like we missed out.

As nobody had been brave enough to sit on the front row, when Mor came out on stage he immediately stepped off the front of it, asked for the main lights to be switched on and did the whole act standing in the audience.

He tends to push the boundaries of acceptable discussion topics.

He is hilarious, quick, unphased by the odd stupid heckle, but if you are a little on the prudish side, I can assure you it is not the show for you.

Unfortunately, the content of his act is unrepeatable here.

Even as quite a liberal person, I was wondering if I should have been disgusted by some of it.

But as I was laughing too much to worry, it didn’t really matter.