Being the opening act at a comedy festival comes with pressures of its own.

But when your show is called ‘The Feelgood Factor’, it conjures up certain high expectations from the audience.

Luckily, Amos can pull it off. From stepping on to the stage dancing to Beyonce’s ‘All the Single Ladies’ complete with actions, he commanded the stage with ease and, more importantly, was very funny.

His show looks back over the funny things that people remember from their childhood, like being ecstatic about finding a bicycle reflector at the bottom of a cereal packet, even though you didn’t have a bike.

During the show, Amos managed to mimic the Blackburn accent with surprising accuracy considering his usual well-spoken tones, and to really get the audience on side had a go at a rival town; this time it was Halifax.

The performance was personalised by his interaction with the audience, inviting them to shout out contributions which he handled with fast and funny comebacks.

From some of his more colourful material down to personal anecdotes, like the time he was on an Australian radio show and the presenter asked him if he gets recognised at night, Amos’s delivery was top notch.