Address: 54 St. James's Street, Burnley

Phone number: 01282 838572

Lancashire Telegraph review by Suzanne Geldard from October 23, 2009.

THE popularity of Friends and familiar setting of Central Perk led to an explosion of coffee shops more than a decade ago that has so far ceased to abate.

However, they remain a rare find in East Lancashire — which is good news for Rhode Island Coffee.

This town centre venue has become a cappuccino and confectionery haven. Customers who just want a drink, or those who require something more substantial, are made equally welcome.

Having arrived at lunchtime, a sandwich was most definitely in order.

I opted for a mozzarella, tomato and basil panini, while my fellow diner ordered a cheese and bacon toastie on white bread.

The cookie offer was too tempting to resist though — normally 80p each, you can buy four for £2. The hard part was deciding between oat and raisin, milk chocolate chip or white chocolate chip.

The sandwiches were tasty, had plenty of filling and were delivered in no time, along with a large cappuccino and a large skinny latte. The bill was a fairly reasonable £13.

Costa Coffee’s first national marketing campaign claims seven out of 10 coffee lovers prefer their cappuccino to that of Starbucks.

But neither, in my book, can hold a sugar stick to Rhode Island.

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