Once upon an ice rink there was a magnificent castle and an amazing fairytale about to begin...

As Disney on Ice skated into Manchester to begin its UK tour of Princess Wishes, the audience was taken on a truly magical journey.

From the markets of Agrabah to the bottom of the ocean and the ballroom of Prince Charming’s palace, the impressive sets certainly capture the audience’s imagination.

Being Disney, everything is that little bit bigger and more colourful, so there aren’t just one, but seven, princesses’ adventures to get caught up in.

The princess tales — those of Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Mulan, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty — are linked by Mickey and Minnie Mouse and a surprise guest.

And they are helped on their way by more than a little magic from the adorable pixie Tinker Bell. The effects are simply breathtaking, from Tinker Bell’s fairy dust to a dramatic firebreathing dragon and an explosive finale.

With enchanting sets and an enthusiastic, not to mention supremely talented, cast bringing songs from the original films to life, it would be an amazing show on stage.

But when you put the whole display on to ice, adding superb routines and death-defying acrobatics you really have got a magical show sure to thrill princesses of all ages — and the rest of the family too.

l Disney On Ice: Princess Wishes is at the Arena, Manchester, until Sunday. Call 0844 847 8000 for show times and ticket information.