FOR all those boffins searching for a solution to the energy crisis, just go along to see Ross Noble and harness the activity that emanates from his incredible comedy brain.

For over two-and-a-half hours Noble delighted his audience with some surreal, inspired lunacy.

Many comedians try to improvise a show but Noble is the master. I’m sure there is some sort of framework in there somewhere but it’s impossible to see where.

Instead he flits at incredible speed from using members of the audience as comedy foils to physical comedy.

Behind it all there is clearly a major intellect at work, ready to latch onto the smallest thing and take it – and the audience – on a flight of fantasy.

So we had gang members on canal barges, the curious case of Beyonce and a bling pig and some advice to new dads you won’t find in any parenting manual.

Noble clearly enjoyed his first visit to Blackburn and also demonstrated a perfect Lancashire accent. The term comic genius is often bandied about without much thought. In Ross Noble’s case, it’s a description fully deserved.

The title of his show is, simply, Things. That being the case, things don’t come much better than this for a night out!