BREATHTAKING acrobatics and stunts that make the audience gasp; the Russians certainly know how to put on a good show.

The audience is led on a journey through evolution from the creation of the universe, through to busy modern-day life.

At times it’s easy to forget that the majority of the stunts, including trapeze swinging and a woman in a giant wheel, are being done by performer wearing ice skates, which makes the show seem even more incredible.

Amongst the highlights was a scene re-enacting the moon landings with skaters in full spacesuits and helmets, moving around the ice like there was zero gravity. The dawn of civilisation was a forest-like set where three of the skaters were butterflies and fluttered across the ice in unison.

But its not just an ice skating show.

As the name suggests, there were elements of the circus as a contortionist bended and twisted into positions — balanced on top of a globe on the ice.

The scariest moments came from two of the acrobats who performed somersaults on a wooden beam held up by two men dressed as builders, who began the scene brandishing real chainsaws.

The narrow beam dipped almost down to the ice every time the acrobats landed, making the audience gasp in astonishment.

An innovatively choreographed and polished display.