The thing about milkshakes is that you either love them or hate them.

But for any mum or dad with pre-school age children, you'll almost certainly have grown to adore a morning diet of them, in a whole load of flavours.

Milkshake! - of course - is the daily strand on Channel Five which features programmes including Noddy, Peppa Pig, The Mr Men Show and the Little Princess.

From a very young age, my daughter Uma, who's now nearly two, fell in love with Fifi and the Flowertots.

Many a morning has been spent - no, salvaged - by a few short minutes watching the adventures of the residents of flowertot garden.

So, the idea of those characters - and many more besides - coming to life on stage in Milkshake! My First Carol Concert seemed like a fantastic idea.

It may have been Uma's first taste of a carol concert (not to mention Maya, her eight-month-old sister), it's also a pretty unique experience for any parent too.

On stage, presenters Kemi Majeks and Derek Moran were the driving force of the show, backed up impressively by the 30-piece British Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of conductor Robert Emery.

Helped by Fifi, Peppa and the rest of the gang they sung and danced their way through just about every traditional festive song going.

OK, let's get some negatives out of the way - it's not cheap, £15 a ticket is a bit steep for a family of four; the production could be better, some video screens to accompany the action or some music - of any kind - during the interval.

But the energy and enjoyment on the hundreds of kids faces more than makes up for that.

Jingle Bells, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Frosty the Snowman, O Come Al Ye Faithful and Little Donkey - the entire song selection was like a Christmas chocolate box, full of all your favourites.

There's a bit of education in there - a quick whizz round the different instruments in the orchestra - but let's face it, this show is all about fun.

If you really want an unbiased review, I guess the final word should go to Uma, who fell asleep on the way home from the Bridgewater Hall.

From the back of the car, I could hear her mumbling in her sleep "Goodbye Princess, Hello Noody, Goodbye Fifi." You can't get much better than that.

The Milkshake! strand runs daily on five, from 6am to 9am Monday to Friday, 7am to 10am on Saturdays and 6am to 10am on Sundays and is aimed at pre-school children.