THINK of Peter Pan and you think of flying - so how will that translate into a pantomime in an enclosed space?

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Scanning the programme we noticed a few Russian and Eastern European names - Alexey Kofanov (Peter Pan), Yulia Popova (Wendy) and Nataliya Piontek (Tinkerbell) - alongside staple pantomime favourite Phil Walker and Taylor Murphy (Captain Hook).

Was this a clue? Indeed it was!

Peter Pan may not say much in the show, but he makes up for this with some spectacular aerial acrobatics, flying across the stage with grace and at times right out over the audience.

There are also some beautiful flight scenes from Wendy, as her ribbon acrobatics revealed.

Phil Walker is multi-talented as the Narrator, Eliza and Pirate Smee - prepare to duck as he comes on stage with a huge water blaster.

He thoroughly engages the audience both young and old - my three year old and five year old were enthralled.

The seating in the hall is set out like a circus, which is an excellent idea, and also means that everyone can see.

However, the front rows are very close to the stage.

And watch out, as the actors take full advantage of the space throughout the performance.

The action is punctuated with modern songs which blend the tradition of pantomime with the modern touch - look out for 'We're All in This Together' from High School Musical, and Girl's Aloud's 'Promise' sung by five sparkly mermaids.

There's plenty of glitz and glamour - check out the sexy lady pirates for the dads, with sufficiently funny and camp male pirates too!

French Dominic Guglielmetti is highly amusing as Captain Hook's bumbling right hand man, and provides many a laugh throughout the show.

However, for the adults in our party, Captain Hook stole the show as the dastardly bad guy. The kids loved to boo him, and he revelled in this.

All in all a fantastic show with something for everyone - from sixty-somethings to the under fives.

If you're booking your travel for afterwards, ours overran by about half an hour, so plan for that.

We noticed some people had to leave early as they obviously had coaches booked.

And just a note to King Georges Hall - £1.80 for a small tub of ice cream? Oh no it isn't - oh yes it is...

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