THERE are times when TV throws up a programme which just leaves you humbled.

Admittedly such occasions are all too rare, but last night BBC2 served up an offering which could only leave the viewer feeling as though their own lives are pretty worthless in comparison.

The English Surgeon told the story of Henry Marsh, last seen in Your Life in Their Hands?

This time, cameras followed the renowned brain surgeon as he went on a real busman's holiday - working in the Ukraine for no financial reward and using discarded, out-of-date equipment.

It was moving stuff as the wonderfully erudite and old school expert did his best to bring hope to some patients who desperately needed it.

It also brought clearly into focus what is really important in life andf how muich time we spend chasing the fanciful and worthless.

It is not until you see such professionals at work that you really appreciate what skill they possess.

And if anyone ever doubted that medicine was a calling then five minutes listening to Mr Marsh - surgeons aren't doctors - would soon change your mind.

I'm a big fan of documentaries which highlight genuine characters, as opposed to people who think they are characters but in reality are just plain annoying.

Henry Marsh definitely falls into the former category.