GIRL power took over Blackburn on Saturday night as the Sugababes delighted a sold-out King George's Hall with a slick, polished show that should dispel any thoughts that the trio aren't anything but the real deal.

Edgier and less manufactured that the likes of Girls Aloud, the strength of the Sugababes has always been in their vocals.

And for all the flashy sets and multiple costume changes - I counted no less than 10 - it was the harmonies and sheer power of the voices which most impressed.

This was an arena show in a smaller venue. With a giant video screen, three dancers and a driving five-piece band it was quite some spectacle.

It's just a shame that our photographers weren't allowed in to show you.

At times the set was almost a distraction and it would be great to see the girls do away with some of the hi-tech trickery and let their voices take centre stage even more.

But Keisha, Amelle and Heidi never missed a beat as hit after hit was belted out in fine style.

You tend to forget that the Sugababes have been around for eight years and that their back catalogue is packed with catchy, pop singles.

Most got an airing including Red Dress, the debut single Overload and the majestic Freak Like Me, which proves what a great record Gary Numan's Are Friends Electric? still is.

With special videos to accompany every track and a carefully choreographed show, perhaps the one thing the evening lacked was a little spontaneity.

It was not until the two song encore - Push the Button and the anthemic About You Now - that the girls got the chance to really interact with the crowd.

The predominantly female audience lapped it up and nearly took the roof off as they sang along.

But the Sugababes are one of the most successful pop acts of the 21st century - and on this performance you can see why.