My Name Is Nobody by Andrew Richardson (Pengiun)

This debut novel heralds an exciting new thriller writer on the block.

The book is set in modern times in the world of spies and international threats to the United Kingdom.

The main protagonist is Soloman Vine, whose rootless background and ambition make him an ideal employee of MI6.

Vine, disgraced and on the fringes of the service after a prisoner is shot in unexplained circumstances on his watch, is asked by a top member of the security services to investigate when it is suggested there is a mole in MI6.

Vine digs deep and the evidence seems to point to his long-time friend and colleague Gabriel Wilde, who appears to have sympathies to organisations planning terror attacks on British soil.

Vine also has some personal issues with Wilde, as the latter is married to Vine's former girlfriend Rose, who left him for Wilde. But could this be clouding is judgement?

This is a very modern book, with lots of references to technology and social media. There are some fine set pieces, such as when Vine breaks into an MP's office but is discovered and races through the Houses of Parliament chard by the security services.

There is also a tense denouement and some unexpected twists.

Perhaps the main weakness was I never felt I really got to know Vine and exactly what makes him tick.

But thisis a good enough book to believes that there will be sequels so there should be e opportunity to learn more about Vine then.