A Nest Of Vipers by Andrea Camilleri (Mantle)

The latest crime novel featuring Inspector Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri has most of the usual elements fans of his books have come to expect.

Montalbano is still fighting against the bureaucracy and administration that comes with the job; his fiery relationship with lover Livia is still as fraught as ever and he is still relishing his lunchtime meals at Enzo's and his subsequent walk along the seashore to the 'flat stone'.

The plot concerns the discovery of a body in his home on the Sicialian Coast. The man has been shot in the head but also appears to have been poisoned. Why was he, in effect, killed twice and are there two killers at large, or one?

First appearances point to the man's son being the one who would most gain from his father's death - a notion his sister can't help but reinforce.

But as Montalbanoo investigates, it seems half of Vigata had a motive to carry out the killing.

Meanwhile what role has the tramp who has set up home in a cave near Montalban's house - and who Livia befriends - to play in the action?

This is a fast-moving novel that grips form the start. It is a worthy addition to the Montalbano canon.