Enjoying the Cumbrian Coast Railway by David John Hindle, £25

THE Cumbrian Coastal Line as it is known today was originally built as an industrial artery to assist with the extraction of iron ore and coal and the manufacture of steel. Even in its earliest days, though, the industrialists saw that it had potential to carry passengers as well.

This book focusses on the route of the original Furness Railway from Carnforth to Barrow-in-Furness, Millom and Whitehaven and how it substantially contributed to a changing way of life for the coastal towns and a rapid population growth - from a tiny village of 160 inhabitants, Barrow became a large town of 60,000 within just 50 years.

Spared from the Beeching cuts, this scenic line is still used by commuters, locals and visitors in great numbers. David Hindle's enthusiasm shines through as he takes us on a journey around the ever-changing coastline of, arguably, England's most stunning county.