Ascent by Chris Bonington, £20

SIR Chris Bonington has undertaken 19 Himalayan expeditions, reached the summit of Everest in 1985, made many, many first ascents in the Alps and other great ranges around the world. In Ascent, he talks of daring climbs, near-death experiences, fellow climbers of which some are now lost to the mountains and what continued to drive him on.

He also tells of the struggles of balancing his decades of travelling the world and taking risks with bringing up a family and maintaining a happy marriage. After caring for his wife, Wendy, who died after a long battle with motor neurone disease he talks of finding love again amidst the sadness and grief and then, at the age of eighty, deciding to return to an iconic climb from his past - The Old Man of Hoy.

Ascent is a truly inspirational tale.