Where the Wild Winds Are by Nick Hunt, £16.99

NICK Hunt's journey to follow four of Europe's winds across the continent starts on Cross Fell, the highest point of the Pennines as he chases the roaring Helm, the only named wind in Britain. In southern Europe he follows the bitter, northerly Bora through Slovenia and down the Croatian coast. His search for the Swiss Foehn becomes a meandering journey through Alpine valleys before he finally traces the steps of ancient pilgrims in the south of France on the trail of the Mistral - the 'wind of madness' which animated and tormented Vincent Van Gogh.

These are journeys into wild landscapes and the people who inhabit them - a cast of meteorologists, storm chasers, mountain men, eccentric wind enthusiasts, sailors and shepherds. Soon Nick finds himself borne along by the very forces he is pursuing, through rain, blizzards, and howling gales and along the way discovers there are also myths and legends, science and superstition and, occasionally, remote mountain cabins packed with pickles, cured meats and homemade alcohol.