William and Dorothy Wordsworth: A Miscellany edited by Gavin Herbertson, £9.99

IT HAS often been thought that William Wordsworth truly did 'wander lonely as a cloud' drawing his inspiration from solitude. Extensive research shows, however, that William and his sister Dorothy were major influences on each other's work, the two being inseparable for a large part of William's creative years.

This book contains more than 70 of William's best known poems as well as pieces of prose taken from his Guide through the District of the Lakes. These are set side by side with extracts from Dorothy Wordsworth's Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland, AD 1803 clearly showing the genius of both writers. The poetry and prose of the Wordsworths are considered an essential part of the literature of wild places and this selection has been made with lovers of nature and in particular mountains, in mind. A great book to take with you to wild places.