Address: 9-11 Brown St, Burnley, BB11 1PJ.

Phone number: 01282 454 505‎.

Lancashire Telegraph review by Caroline Dutton from June 13, 2009.

When your teenage years are behind you, you realise it's nice to take your time and start a night out with a bottle of wine and something to eat.

So that’s how four of us ended up in Aldos, warming up for a night out in Burnley.

To start off we shared a pizza-style garlic bread and garlic mushrooms. Both were delicious and by the time they were cleared away we’d polished off a bottle of rose.

For the main course we had a lasagne and chips, prawn salad, chicken in tomato sauce and salmon farfalle with added chilli.

The lasagne was authentic and had just the right ratio of meat to pasta.

The salmon farfalle was deliciously creamy and the extra chilli gave it a pleasant kick. The prawn salad and chicken were also declared a success.

We were initially put off by the plastic table cloths — someone commented they were a bit “greasy-spoon cafe”.

But after another bottle of rose we decided they made us feel like we were on holiday. The best thing about Aldos is the friendliness of the staff.

Aldo himself treated our table to a round of black sambucas and he didn't even kick us out when the staff were sweeping the floor and cashing-up for the night.

All in all, a great little cheap and cheerful Italian that I'd return to in a heartbeat.

Lancashire Telegraph review by Alan Simpson from April 16, 2007.

IF there was a prize for the most friendly restaurateur in East Lancashire Aldo, I am sure, would be well in the running.

Aldo manages his restaurant from the chef's role in the kitchen ensuring a high class of quality and service.

But he is never more than a chop of a chilli away from his diners who he takes an interest in getting to know personally.

And his staff have obviously learned Aldo's skills of customer care as their Sicilian charm helps make the visit that little more memorable.

Aldo's small but immaculately kitted-out premises at the bottom end of Burnley town centre have evolved admirably over the years.

And now his food has moved up a notch or two to match the opulance of the painted Roman gods and goddesses that adorn the restaurant walls.

My green shelled mussels in white wine, garlic, onion and cream sauce were delicious, as were Mrs S's chicken wings with barbecue sauce and chillies.

Taking a speedy break from enjoying the Burnley Blues Festival we kept our main courses simple - a Bologna pizza (which was piled high with everything a man could wish for) and a spaghetti carbonara which tasted as fresh as the day itself.

No matter what time of year the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming at Aldo's where every customer is made to feel that bit special.

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