AN INTERNATIONAL competition on to find the next generation of retro style arcade machine programmers has been launched.

At stake, over £2,000 worth of equipment and a massive open door into the highly competitive and lucrative computer games industry.

TV presenter and owner of the Voyager arcade brand, Jonathan Thompson, together with pop star and TV personality Clint Boon, both hosted the night which was filmed by TV and covered by local, national and international press.

Also keeping the crowds entertained was magician Kieron.

Liverpool has been chosen to be the location of the competition, as not only will it be Capital of Culture in 2008 but also if this competition goes well, it could be home ground, by the end of 2008 to mid 2009, to an international tourist attraction.

This attraction will take the form of a fully interactive computer and game machine museum, charting the history of the industry.

The competition is open to students and amateur programmers over the age of 18, from all over the world! Their task is to recreate the art of simple computer game play and fun.

"Simple games are no longer of interest to large games companies, yet they are some of the most played and bought games ever made, just look at your mobile phone. The competition is not looking for copycat programs or remakes of classic games.

"We are after new ideas, with the simple games like Tetras, Pac Man and Space Invaders as glowing examples. We are looking for novel and imaginative ideas that appeal to all ages.

"It is a very hard concept to take in and will test the programmers' skills to their limits and we hope will give them an edge in the industry." said Jonathan Thompson.

For more information or to enter you can log onto

The event will finish on 1 August 2007 and a short list issued on 15 August 2007. The final results being announced on the 25 August 2007.

But that will not be the end of the event as on the 3 October 2007, the winners will have a massive party to reveal their games to the arcade and computer industry, press and celebrities.

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