IT may not be politically correct by today's standards, but Allan Bennett's Habeas Corpus, being performed by Blackburn Drama Club from tomorrow night, is still as hilarious today as it ever was.

Mammaries and mortality loom large in Bennett's hilarious 1973 farce. Like some saucy Magill seaside postcard as retouched by Magritte, or an end-of-the-pier romp reorganised by Orton, the piece shows how a collection of odd personalities from Hove (a randy GP, a sex-starved wife, a flat-chested spinster who longs to be stacked like the Cairngorms and others) find themselves propelled into the permissive society.

The catalyst is the arrival of a false-breast fitter from Leatherhead. Identities are mistaken, the wrong boobs admiringly fondled and libidos burst out of enforced hibernation.

The play, directed by Steven Derbyshire, is being performed at the Thwaites Empire Theatre nightly at 7-30pm, from tomorrow until Saturday.

Tickets £9 Box Office 01254 685 500