IT was getting late, in dining terms, on a Sunday night when I ventured to Tiggi’s Ribble Valley on the A59.

I’d been working but had guests staying, so feeling guilty at not preparing a slap-up roast dinner I’d suggested going out.

A quick call to check they were still serving, and we were on our way.

The Italian restaurant’s Sunday special of two-courses plus coffee for £12.95 has a great range of dishes – although the full menu is also available. A slight niggle, the actual menu really is ‘full’ as in full-sized, enormous and cumbersome, making conversation difficult as you peruse the offerings.

Prawn cocktail, chicken ceasar and garlic mushrooms were our starters - each dish was a generous serving and was declared delicious. All that was missing was chunk of crisp ciabatta to mop up the mushrooms’ winey, garlicky juices.

Merluzzo Alla Catalana, baked cod with chorizo, beans and tomato and served with vegetables and potatoes, was my guests’ choice for main course, while I went for a favourite, Penne All’ Arrabiata, a spicy tomato and salami pasta dish.

My fishy friends were delighted with their meals, as well as the general ambiance of the restaurant. They live in a city and said they didn’t think they’d find a venue of this kind open there on a Sunday night.

The pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce had just the right chilli kick - it can be a bit of a Russian roulette dish; too hot and you can’t eat it, too mild and it seems a pointless choice. I was quite envious of my dining companions’ accompaniments, and a side salad would be a great addition.

For an extra £2.50 each, we added desserts – tiramisu and profiteroles. The tiramisu was all you’d expect of an Italian classic, rich and creamy yet balanced with a dash of booze and coffee. The profiteroles were swamped in a bowl of cold custard, which somewhat spoiled the dish.

A bottle of pinot grigio was crisp and refreshing at £19.50, bringing the bill to £65.85 – which we felt was brilliant value.

Food 8

Drink 8

Atmosphere 8

Value 9

Service 8