CLASSICAL pub food with a twist is becoming an oft-used phrase on menus of establishments which like to think of themselves as more gastro than pub.

Some, sadly, fail miserably but having spent a very pleasant evening at the Craven Heifer, it looks as though here’s one place that can back up the claim.

With its light paintwork, bright fabrics and flag floors the design is very much farmhouse chic.

It was packed when we visited, which is always a good sign and I’d recommend booking, especially at weekends.

There is a fairly extensive menu topped up with a number of specials and both the better half and I went for the gammon and poached egg with chips at £13.95.

This proved a fine choice with two large gammon steaks – on each plate – a poached egg in breadcrumbs, a bowl of excellent chips plus the star turn, litte cubes of lime jelly and a wonderfully fiery pineapple and chilli salsa which transofmred a humble staple dish into something extra.

The pudding list proved too tempting and I went for the creme brulee and the better half the orange dark truffle torte (both £5.50).

Whoever is responsibble for the puds is an artist. They looked absolutely fabulous on the plate, but that didn’t stop us tucking in with gusto.

The brulee was just right with a toffee, crispy top and a fresh fruit compote to complement the strong vanilla taste.

The torte was so rich we had to ask for a doggy bag – and were presented with the most stylish tin foil ‘handbag’ I’ve ever seen.