IF The Voice achieves nothing else its legacy may well be bringing Bo Bruce to a wider audience.

The Beeb’s talent search may be much derided but I’ll even forgive Will.i.Am’s inane ramblings having seen last year’s runner up perform live.

For Bo Bruce is no TV construct, destined to disappear quicker than you can say Leanne Mitchell.

No, this girl’s the real deal and soon the TV show will be a distant memory and she’ll just be seen as an artist of genuine quality.

Ms Bruce has a distinct style - think Game of Thrones meets Princess Diana - and a voice that is both haunting and powerful.

Backed by a drummer and multi-instrumentalist and armed with her own synth drum, she played the whole of her debut album Before I Sleep.

With a carefully placed fan (electric not human) blowing her designer gown she was at times mesmorising as that voice cut through to the heartstrings.

Between song banter was kept to a minimum, just a few song titles and thanks to the audience but come the encore and a joyous surprise as she stepped off stage with musicians in tow, and stood in the middle of the audience to sing a totally acoustic version of Holding the Light.

You could hear a pin drop. Now that was something special.

Some of the songs may be a little same-ish with pounding drum beats leading into a powerful chorus but when the voice is so good you’ll forgive that in an instant.