What a joy to see so many young dancers showing off their talents on stage at the Charter Theatre.

The English Youth Ballet company is a commendable group that gives young would-be dancers across the country the chance to work with professionals on major productions, often in their home towns.

So there were plenty of proud mums and dads in the audience which added to the atmosphere of appreciation and admiration.

And deservedly so. The budding dancers did us proud.

Some of the youngsters didn’t look long out of nappies, yet their delicate little feet managed some very demanding and impressive steps.

The choreography was beautifully balanced between the professionals and the younger groups. It clearly gave the less experienced dancers a chance to shine.

A times the stage was packed with activity as the boys and girls glided gracefully across the stage, then smalls groups took turns to delight the audience with their joyful routines.

And then as the professionals took over, the love story unfolded.

It proved a bit of a challenge some of them too, notably the leading man who suffered the odd wobble in his solo performance.

But it didn’t detract from the show and he was in good hands with his two leading ladies who both gave spectacular performances as they competed for his attention.