STAFF and students at Blackburn College celebrated the institution’s 125th anniversary with their annual show.

Audiences over the three nights were taken on a journey of light entertainment, sampling what delighted audiences from every decade from the 1880s to the present day.

As usual, producer Nick Maynard put together a triumphant performance that was well received on all three nights.

The evenings were compered by MC David Helmn, who seamlesly linked each performance with some humorous notes and even wowed the audience with his crooning skills, a superb performance of Frank Sinatra’s The Tender Trap to illustrate the mid-1950s.

The show began with a rendition of My Old Man, ably sung by student Ellie Smith, before Lance Muir performed a variation of the classic one-man dance by Mr Pastry, a flavour of the variety of entertainment on offer.

Highlights of the night included Leonna Brown, Jack Sledden and Robert Tait’s take on the Harry Enfield Chumley-Warner sketch, ‘Women, Know Your Limits’, with Jack and Robert also later illustrating the 1950s with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook’s In The Pub sketch.

Emily Kennedy was impressive singing The White Cliffs Of Dover while blind singer and guitarist David Connelly sung an impressive medley of songs from the 1960s. Head of law Morgan Currey was once again in on the act as his alias, Mickey Phillips, this time a comic portrayal of a bizarre health and safety inspector.

The show closed with all the cast taking part in a dance that has become synonymous with the current decade ... Gangnam Style! All in all, a solid night of good entertainment and all for just a fiver. Well done to all involved.